Property Management Final Exam


These instructions are designed to guide you through the exam process and to inform you of all exam requirements. Please read these instructions carefully before starting the exam.


  • To ensure a fair and uniform assessment for all participants.
  • To inform participants about the rules, guidelines, and identification requirements for the exam.

1. Preparation

  • Online Exam: Ensure that you have a stable internet connection.
  • In-Person Exam: Arrive at the exam location at least 30 minutes in advance.

2. Identification

You will be required to present valid photo identification before taking the exam. Acceptable forms of ID include:

  • A valid government-issued identification card (e.g., driver’s license, passport).
  • A current student ID card with photo, signature, and student number.

3. Materials

Only bring authorized materials into the exam room. Unapproved materials like cell phones or notes are not allowed.

4. Timing

The exam has a set duration. Time will be announced at regular intervals. Once the time is up, all participants must stop writing or submitting answers immediately.

5. Technical Issues

If taking the exam online, immediately report any technical issues to the proctor or instructor.

6. Breaks

No breaks are allowed during the exam unless specified otherwise.

7. Questions

Direct all questions or concerns to the proctor or instructor. Do not disturb other participants.

8. Submission

Submit your exam paper or online exam within the allocated time. Late submissions will not be accepted.

9. Academic Integrity

All work submitted must be your own. Cheating or plagiarism will result in a failing grade and may have further academic consequences.

10. Review

Do not discuss the exam questions with others until after the exam period has ended.

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